It's a bit late, but here are some interesting things that Epson showed at SID this year. First of all is a 8" OLED display for Automotive applications. Epson says that they are in talks with several auto companies to embed those devices in the dash board. You can see a video of the displays in the link below. Epson also showed other OLED displays, including a portable DVD player prototype.

DisplayBlog's Jin Kim talked to Mr. Satoru Miyashita, General Manager of OLED Development Center. Miyashita-san explained that Epson’s OLED displays were manufactured at the company’s G2 R&D fab. He also shared that there are plans to expand OLED production capability by adding a line in the company’s G3 fab located in Tottori. By using a larger G3 fabrication plant, Epson can produce up to 14" OLEDs.

Epson 8-inch OLED for automotive applications

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