Epigem to develop flexible anode film for the Flex-o-Fab project

Last month we reported about the EU's new €11.2-million 3-year project called Flex-o-Fab that aims to help commercialize flexible OLEDs within six years. Today we hear that one of the project partners, UK's Epigem, will get €444,000 to produce anode film based on its existing Epimesh product. Epimesh features very low sheet resistance and high optical transparency.

Epimesh film is an ultra-fine metal mesh embedded into a polymer coating which is adhesively bonded onto one side of a flexible carrier film. Epigem says that light transmission (through both the metal grid and the polymer layers) is above 90%.

Flex-o-Fab partners will create a a pilot-scale modular yet integrated manufacturing chain for flexible OLEDs, and use it to develop reliable fabrication / production processes. The Flex-o-Fab project will draw on technologies and expertise already used to produce glass-based OLEDs and flexible displays. It will look to migrate existing sheet-to-sheet processes to roll-to-roll (R2R) production to further reduce costs and enable high-volume production.

Posted: Feb 14,2013 by Ron Mertens