Engadget reviews the Google Nexus One phone, and aren't too happy with the display

Update: some reviewers are actually very upbeat on the display. ABC says "it's got a better screen than anything out there right now", and Gizmodo thinks "This is probably the best screen we've seen on a smartphone so far",better than the Droid and iPhone screens.

Engadget has posted the first review of Google's upcoming Nexus One phone. It has a 3.7" WVGA touch AMOLED, and Engadget are actually not too pleased with it:

"At first we thought Google had tweaked some of the Market settings because the highlight orange was so bright, but comparing images on the web across different displays, the Nexus One consistently looked brighter then it should have. Oh, and using this thing in daylight? Forget about it... The Nexus One is a nightmare to see with any kind of bright light around, and snapping photos with it on a sunny day was like taking shots with your eyes closed.".

When they wrap up the review, though, they say that the display is "vibrant".

This is a shame, as usually people are very upbeat on OLED displays. We also had reports that the new AMOLED displays behave better in sunlight, so this is a surprise, too.

Posted: Jan 05,2010 by Ron Mertens


I'm receiving my Nexus One tomorrow, I'll follow up once I have a chance to test it in some sunlight. Relative to reviews from any other site, Engadget's seemed to be the most critical of the display. Take that for what it's worth.

Wow, this display is very impressive. I received my phone this afternoon and compared to the Droid, I test drove one for a couple weeks, it is luscious. The green and red of the answer and reject icons, when a call is coming in, look so defined and saturated that you would swear they were made of real hard plastic.

The rest of the device is wonderful as well but I'll conclude and keep the focus on that lovely AMOLED screen.

Thanks for the updates, great to hear the display is so good. How does it behave in sunlight??

Crappy! In the car with light coming from my back left renders the screen not just hard to view but completely unviewable. Makes the 'phone' worthless in my opinion.