The Galaxy Round, Samsung's first flexible OLED device sports a 5.7" Full-HD (386 PPI) Super AMOLED display is already shipping in Korea and even reviewed and tested by the display experts over at DisplayMate. Engadget now posted a short hands-on review of this device, and finally we have a good video of this device:


Engadget does not mention anything about the display's quality, only about the curvature ergonomic and mostly talk about other features of this phone. This is a shame as DisplayMate says that the curve display is a major breakthrough - mostly because it reduces ambient light reflections and so improves screen readability, image contrast, color accuracy, and overall picture quality. It'll be interested to hear what more regular consumers say about this display.



Is the display genuinely

Is the display genuinely flexible? It looks to me that it has fixed curvature.

It's a flexible display, but

It's a flexible display, but it cannot be flexed by the user, is has a fixed cuvature as you say.

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