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Press release by eMagin - Sensor Technology Systems, Inc., has selected Tek Gear’s eMagin-based (AMEX:EMA) O2 microdisplay OEM kit for their new Enhanced Heads-Up Display (E-HUD) module for the AN/PVS-21 Low Profile Night Vision Goggle. The O2 OEM Kit is a drop in module that makes it easy to integrate high resolution microdisplays into new and existing designs. The O2 Kit includes eMagin’s new SVGA+ OLED-XL microdisplays and Tek Gear’s high performance controller.

Alan Page, General Manager, STS said - “The OLED-XL provides the sharpest, brightest and most vibrant image we have seen on a microdisplay.”


Tek Gear originally designed, tested and delivered the O2 kit with eMagin’s color SVGA+ OLED microdisplay. According to Tony Havelka, President, Tek Gear, “When we did our tests with the new color OLED-XL we were amazed that we could obtain an incredibly bright image (>300 cd/m2) at less than 900mW for the entire system at its highest luminance setting.