eMagin corporation logoeMagin Corporation is showcasing the latest innovations in power-efficient OLED microdisplays at this year's Society for Information Display Conference. eMagin is also showcasing its microdisplay portfolio and subsystems in rugged commercial products and modules which meet the needs of near-eye applications ranging from PC gaming to night-vision headsets and scopes to mobile command and control communications and training and simulation.

"Our growing portfolio of OLED microdisplays deliver high resolution, flicker-free images which work effectively in adverse conditions such as extreme temperatures and high-vibration conditions with extremely high power efficiency," noted Susan Jones, executive vice president and chief business/strategy officer, eMagin Corporation. "Our new cell architecture and OLED-XL technology provide the cornerstone for even more advanced microdisplay products."

Products featured at eMagins booth include:

SVGA+ Rev3 OLED-XL microdisplay, the most power efficient OLED solution for near-eye personal viewer applications. The SVGA+ Rev3 display uses less than 115 mW power in monochrome, such as for thermal imaging applications, and lower than 175 mW at 400 cd/m2 for full color video. This new microdisplay has simpler calibration over temperature and is ideal for demanding binocular luminance and color matching. It also shares all the functional and design characteristics of eMagins original SVGA OLEDs, already proven in military and first-responder systems, responding instantly at temperatures as low as -40 degrees C.

SXGA OLED microdisplay, the best combination of high resolution and low power requirement. eMagin is previewing features of its SXGA (1280 x 1020 pixels) microdisplay. The next generation SXGA OLED microdisplay, targeted for introduction next quarter, offers both analog and digital signal processing in a compact package (0.77-inch diagonal active area) requiring less than 200 mW under typical operating conditions of 400 cd/m2, full-color. Design enhancements include increased pixel uniformity, improved color gamut, on-chip temperature sensor and compensation, and compatibility with both analog RGB and digital video signals. This high-density OLED-on-silicon microdisplay promises an affordable, easy-to-integrate solution for many virtual imaging systems.


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