eMagin corporation logoeMagin Corporation will demonstrate the latest innovations in power-efficient microdisplays, its prototype SVGA-3DS microdisplay, at this year’s Society for Information Display Conference and Exhibition. Located in Booth 1717 at the Long Beach Convention Center, eMagin will also demonstrate a number of applications for personal display systems based on its OLED microdisplays and modules.

With first prototype units already in the hands of developers, the SVGA-3DS microdisplay offers both analog and digital signal processing in a compact display (0.44-inch) with greater power efficiency. This high-density OLED-on-silicon microdisplay promises an affordable, easy-to-integrate solution for many virtual imaging systems. eMagin’s SVGA-3DS microdisplays eliminate the need for extra circuitry and components while allowing for a smaller display module design with increased functionality, with no increase in power consumption.

Specific improvements include increased pixel uniformity, improved color gamut, on-chip temperature sensor and compensation, and compatibility with both analog RGB and digital video signals. The 800 x 600-pixel array comprises triads of vertical sub-pixels stacked side by side to make up each 11.1 x 11.1-micrometer color pixel. Versatile timing controls accommodate a variety of video formats. On-board circuitry ensures consistent color and brightness over a wide range of operating temperatures.

Built on eMagin’s original active matrix SVGA-3D and SVGA+ integrated circuits, the current OLED-XL displays typically demonstrate 4X improvements in efficiency of eMagin’s original products. This gain in efficiency enables the OLED-XL microdisplays to provide significantly higher luminance at levels power consumption equivalent to those required by the first and second generation products.