eMagin Corporation will begin shipping pre-production version samples of the world’s smallest pixel-pitch display. The SVGA-3DS will be available in limited quantities with a custom interface design & reference kit (IDRK) in December.

Employing the company’s OLED-XL™ technology, the SVGA-3DS microdisplay offers both analog and digital signal processing in a compact (0.44-inch) display with both analog and digital interface capability imbedded, making it an even more affordable, easy-to-integrate solution for many virtual imaging systems.

The new SVGA-3DS microdisplays eliminate the need for extra circuitry and components while allowing for a smaller display module design with increased functionality. Specific improvements include improved pixel uniformity, extremely high contrast (measured in the lab at 10,000:1), improved color gamut, on-chip temperature sensor, and luminance compensation over the entire mil spec range, while retaining the high energy efficiency and high video speed characteristics of eMagin’s approx. 0.6-inch diagonal OLED microdisplays.

For more info, see the attached release (PDF) 

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