The Kinetta digital cinema camera uses an eMagin OLED microdisplay

eMagin corporation logoeMagin says that the new Kinetta digital cinema camera uses their OLED microdisplay. This is a flexible digital movie camera which provides the control and flexibility that cinematographers have always appreciated in their film cameras. The Kinetta camera records everything the sensor puts out, as RAW ten-bit log data, on an onboard miniature hard drive array containing 12 1.8" hard drives.

Kinetta's Jeff Kreines commented: "The OLED microdisplay from eMagin is a perfect fit. We considered many other technologies - LCOS, LCD, CRT, optical - but only the eMagin OLED gave us the combination of excellent color reproduction, lack of flicker, low power consumption, and small size that we needed."

Posted: Oct 20,2004 by Ron Mertens