In March 2014, eMagin received a notification to stop shipments to three customers pending review of a possible wire bonding problem in an OLED microdisplay. Two months later, eMagin updated that the issue was partially solved, and they resumed shipments to one customer.

eMagin SXGA OLED-XL microdisplay photoAn eMagin OLED microdisplay

Now eMagin reports that they have resumed shipments (with no loss of expected volume) for two of those customers. They also expect to resume shipments to the third customer after their testing showed that the reliability requirements have been met.

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Partially solved

Partially solved. At least its honest by eMagin, but it does sound worrying.

Gadgety - the "partially

Gadgety - the "partially solved" comment was given in May. Yesterday the company said the issue has been fully solved.