Uni-Pixel are working on MEMS films, to be used in time-multiplexed optical shutter (TMOS) displays, which should be available next year. These displays are 10-times brighter than LCDs, and are also cheaper to make (60% according to Uni-Pixel). They can be fabricated on the same manufacturing lies as LCDs. They use a single-layer of MEMS film, between the top and bottom glass sheets, in the same structure as LCDs (that use 5 layers between the glasses). The films are made using roll-to-roll manufacturing lines, and can be made transparent.

Samsung Electronics is working with Uni-Pixel on the display tech to make 4" TMOS displays. In the future, TMOS can be used to make larger displays. These will feature a faster refresh rate than LCDs.

TMOS use a LED light source that inject lights in the bottom glass layer. They use time-multiplexing to inject red, green and blue light - there's no white backlight like in LCD. The film is used as an optical shutter - it can be controlled by applying voltage - when it deforms downward (when voltage is applied) than the light is routed from the LED to a single pixel. The controller makes sure that color can be mixed for any pixel.

Atomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processesAtomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processes