DuPont is a science-based producer that is involved in many markets including materials, plastics, electronics, energy, medical and transportation. Dupont is a public company that trades on the NYSE (ticker: DD).

Dupont is also involved in displays - and is developing innovative and sustainable solutions that improve display performance, reduce production costs and enable next-generation technologies across a broad range of applications,.

DuPont has been developing OLED materials and process solutions for many years, active in both evaporable and soluble materials. In 2015 DuPont built a state-of-the-art scale-up facility to produce OLED materials. Dupont has also developed a new manufacturing process that use a 'spray-printer' together with Dai Nippon Screen - which may lead the way towards cheap OLED TVs.

In 2019 LG Chem acquired DuPont's soluble OLED technologies and assets (including 540 materials and process patents), in a deal estimated at $175 million.

In February 2015 we posted an interview with David Flattery, DuPont's OLED unit Director of Operations that was kind enough to update us on the company's materials and OLED technologies.

In 2015 Dow Chemical merged with DuPont to create DowDuPont, but after 18 months DowDupont was split into three companies, and Dupont became a public company again.

"The DuPont Oval Logo is a trademark of DuPont or its affiliates."

Company Address

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