A shopping mall in Dubai, simply called the Dubai Mall, unveiled the world's largest OLED installation. The huge OLED screen uses 820 55" OLED panels (made by LG Display) to create a 50 x 14 meters display made from 1.7 billion pixels.

This is actually not only the world's largest OLED display, it is also the world's largest HD video wall and the highest-resolution one. The display is placed on top of a large aquarium tank and was installed by Emaar Entertainment.

Dubai Mall OLED installation photo



Stuff like that is always

Stuff like that is always frustrating to read when all you want is ONE of those panels.

I bet that they don't even give them away afterwards but that they just end up in some land fill instead...

Looks bad with all those

Looks bad with all those boarders.

Sony CLEDIS Micro LED would have been much better and probably cheaper.

TV is going to look funny

That's a 164x45, or ~3.644 aspect ratio (presuming it's 41 screens wide by 20 high to total 820). That's going to make watching TV or movies on the wall have super-wide characters or they're going to have to have big black bars on either side (in which case they wasted a lot of money for black OLED screens).

Still, they might find a computer game that supports the ratio, even if the image has to be upconverted (assuming they can't get a GPU setup to run at 157,740 x 43,200).


These frames are curved , pretty cool :)


Most window managers max out at 16384x16384 or 32768x32768 so you'd need at least 30 or 10 computers and somehow sync them up.

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