DSCC sees OLED revenues reaching $31.9 in 2020, Q4 will be an all-time-high

DSCC says that OLED panel revenues will reach almost $12 billion in Q4 2020 - reaching an all-time high (up 46% from Q4 2019) as all the major OLED markets, smartphones, TVs and smartwatches, saw increased demand.

OLED panel revenue 2016-2020 (DSCC, December 2020)

One of the major drivers for the increased Q4 demand was Apple's later-than-usual release date which pushed orders into Q4 from Q3, and an earlier Samsung S21 release which meant SDC started producing panels for Samsung Electronics's upcoming flagship as early as November. DSCC estimates that Apple will account for 57% of all OLED smartphone panel revenues in the quarter.

In the TV market, LG Display finally ramped up production at its Guangzhou fab, and DSCC expects OLED TV revenues in Q4 2020 to increase 28% compared to Q4 2019, to reach $959 million. OLED smartwatch revenues also increased 13% compared to last year, to reach $798 million.

Looking at full-year 2020, DSCC expects OLED revenues to increase 15% to reach $31.9 billion. The main markets are smartphone panels ($25.5 billion), TV panels ($2.9 billion) and smartwatches ($2.3 billion).

DSCC also details its panel maker shipment estimates. As Apple is increasing its panel orders, SDC and LGD are both gaining market share. LG Display’s unit share jumped from 5% to 7% in Q3 2020 and is expected to reach 9% in Q4 2020. SDC's market share will rise from 74% in Q3 2020 to 80% in Q4 2020.

Posted: Dec 15,2020 by Ron Mertens