DSCC: the OLED market will grow 2% in 2022, led by strong demand for IT panels

DSCC estimates that the OLED market will increase 2% in 2022, to reach $42 billion. Revenues for smartphones, the leading OLED application, will actually decline by 4%, but this will be offset by increases in other applications.

AMOLED revenues by applications (2019-2022, DSCC)

In fact, some applications will experience very fast growth: OLED monitors (641% unit growth, 279% revenue growth), OLED laptops (64% units, 39% revenue) and automotive displays (73% units, 68% revenue).

Specifically for OLED monitors, DSCC says revenues will reach $216 million in 2022 (up from $57 million in 2021), driven by Samsung's 34" QD-OLED panels for gaming monitors (which will capture 68% of the market). Looking at the OLED laptop market, revenues will reach $940 million (up from $675 in 2021).

DSCC expects Samsung's AMOLED revenue to grow 7% compared to last year, capturing 62% of the market (for revenues), up from 59% in 2021, as the company enjoys strong demand in OLED for laptops, tablets and gaming platforms. Samsung's revenues will also grow as it starts to ship OLED TV panels (QD-OLEDs), and the company will capture 12% of the OLED TV panel market (revenues).

LGD's OLED market share will decrease slightly from 23% to 22%, but the company will remain the leader in OLED TV and automotive OLED shipments. BOE's market share will also drop from 9% to 7%, due to a decline in shipments to smartphones and wearables.

Posted: Jul 12,2022 by Ron Mertens