DSCC: the OLED market remained flat in Q1 2022 at $9.5 billion

DSCC says that global OLED revenues in Q1 2022 were around $9.5 billion, the same as in Q1 2021, even though unit shipments declined 4%.

OLED market revenue 2020Q1-2022Q1 (DSCC)

Smartphone remained the leading OLED application, with a 79% revenue share, even though shipments decreased 8% (and revenues decreased 3%). The second largest application by shipments is wearables (16% in Q1 2022 by shipments and in 6% market share by revenues).

DSCC syas that the fastest growing markets for OLED displays are automotive (16% increase over last year in shipments), monitors (644% increase), laptops (110% increase) , smartwatches (4% increase) and tablets (106% increase). OLED shipments declined for smartphones and TVs.

Posted: May 19,2022 by Ron Mertens