DSCC updated its foldable OLED market forecasts, saying that it now expects the market to grow slower than it anticipated earlier this year. In 2019 DSCC sees 360,000 foldable panels produced in 2019, with less than 250,000 actual devices sold. By 2023, the market will grow to over 68 million units (a CAGR of 272%) generating over $8 billion in revenues.

Foldable OLED market forecast (2019-2023, DSCC August 2019)

Smartphones will remain the leading devices to adopt foldable OLEDs throughout the forecast period, and starting in 2020 DSCC sees clamshell designs with at least a 60% unit share. DSCC sees ultra-thin glass as becoming a significant player, with Samsung adopting SCHOTT UTG starting in 2020. Ultra-thin glass enables an aggressive folding radius, scratch resistance, hardness and a similar touch experience to current glass based displays.

According to DSCC, Samsung will be the leader if foldable OLED adoption, with a 70% market share in 2020. Samsung will remain the leader in 2023 even though its market share will drop to 42%. By that year 8% of Samsung's phones will be foldable. Huawei will be the second larger player until 2022 when DSCC sees Apple starting to adopt foldable OLEDs.

Looking at the industry, Samsung will be the main foldable OLED producer, followed by BOE.

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