DSCC estimates that just over 10 million foldable OLED displays shipped in 2022, and the market is set to grow to 86 million units by 2026 (54% CAGR).

Foldable OLED sales forecast (2020-2026, DSCC)

DSCC says that foldable smartphone revenues rose 342% in 2021, and have reached $5.8 billion. The most popular foldable smartphone was the Galaxy Z Flip 3 (51% market share in 2021), followed by the Galaxy Z Fold 3 (26% market share) and the Huawei Mate X2 (6% market share).

Smartphones are by far the dominant foldable OLED application (with a market share of at least 93% until 2026) - but foldable OLED laptops will grow faster at a 232% CAGR, as new laptop makers (including Apple) will introduce first devices.

In terms of panel revenues, DSCC says that the market will grow to $11.8 billion by 2026 (49% CAGR). Samsung Display will remain the leading maker - with a market share of 85% in 2022 and 69% in 2026.

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