DSCC details its 2020 OLED market estimates

DSCC says that OLED area shipments will grow in 2020 to around 10.5 million square meters, up from 8 million square meters in 2019 - a growth of around 31%. In terms of revenues, the OLED market will grow 35% in 2020 to reach $37.6 billion. DSCC says that in 2020, 731 million OLEDs will be produced (up 27% from 2019).

OLED panels area shipments (2016-2020, DSCC)

Smartphone revenues will reach $30.7 billion in 2019 (up 35% from 2019) while TV revenues will grow 28% to $3.2 billion. Smartwatch revenues will increase 11% in 2020 to $2 billlion. The revenues for all other OLED applications are expected to increase by 69% in 2020 to $1.6 billion, mainly driven by laptop OLED displays.

Smartphone OLED shipments (2016-2020E, DSCC)

DSCC says that 4.5 million OLED TVs will be produced in 2020, up 33% from 2019 (3.4 million, a growth of 16% from 2018). This is far below LGD's own estimates of 6 million panels in 2020. DSCC says that LGD will produce only 63,000 48" OLED TV panels in 2020.

OLED TV shipments (2016-2020E, DSCC)

Looking at the wearable market, DSCC estimates that Everdisplay lead the market with 21.2 million OLED wearable panels produced in 2019, followed by LGD (20.1 million) Samsung (15 million) and BOE (13.5 million). DSCC expects EDO will remain the market leader in 2020 (with 23.5 million units) but BOE will be the second larger producer (21.7 million) and LGD the third (15.1 million).

DSCC recently announced their 2019 OLED market estimate - 577 million OLED panels shipped in 2019, generating $27.9 billion.

Posted: Mar 24,2020 by Ron Mertens