DSCC details the OLED smartwatch panel market in 2020

DSCC posted an interesting chart that details OLED smartwatch shipments by supplier. This is an interesting market as there are almost 10 suppliers with no dominant player:

OLED smartwatch shipments by supplier (DSCC, 2017-2020)

In fact DSCC says that there are five different OLED panel makers (BOE, SDC, LGD, EDO and Truly) that each has a market share over 10% in 2020.

The whole smartwatch market increased 36% in Q3 2020, to reach 41 million, and DSCC expects the growth to continue to reach 45 million in Q4 2020. DSCC says that in Q3 2020 JDI and Tianma saw very large increase in shipments, while EDO's shipments int his market declined 20%.
Posted: Dec 16,2020 by Ron Mertens