DSCC: 577 million OLED panels shipped in 2019, generating $27.9 billion

DSCC says that OLED panel revenues in Q4 2019 reached $8.1 billion, down 2% from Q3 2019 and pretty much the same as in Q4 2018. In terms of units, DSCC says that in Q4 2019 124 million smartphone panels were shipped, 31 million wearable panels and 998,000 TV panels.

OLED panel revenue (2016-2019, DSCC)

Smartphone revenues in Q4 2019 were down 2% from Q4 2018 (due to lower average sales price for both rigid and flexible panels, the number of panels actually increased 4%), and revenues for TVs were up 30% (to $752 million). Smartwatches remain the 3rd largest market for OLED panels, and experienced strong growth in 2019, but it seems as if the growth may have plateaued (in Q4 the revenues were down 7% from last year).

Looking at the whole of 2019, DSCC estimates that the OLED market totaled $27.9 billion in revenues. Smartphone panel revenues were similar to 2018, but OLED TV revenues increased 21% from 2018. OLED smartwatch revenues reached $1.8 billion, up 42% from 2018. The revenue for OLED panels in all other applications increased by 34% to $974 million, driven by VR headsets and laptop displays. OLED unit shipments increased 15% in 2019 to 577 million.

Posted: Mar 23,2020 by Ron Mertens