US-based aircraft cabin technology developers DPI Labs announced that its 4K OLED displays for business and VVIP aircraft cabins are now available. In fact the company completed the first installation of its OLED displays (55-inch and 65-inch) on a VVIP Boeing 767 in January 2021.

This first OLED installation included a complete DPI cabin management system consisting of passenger and cabin crew control panels, audio/video distribution, cabin control modules and DPI’s multi-colored LED cabin lighting.

One of the main advantages of these OLEDs over LCD technology is the weight and thickness - a typical 65-inch aircraft LED-LCD display weighs about 34 Kg and is about 50.8 mm thick, where DPI’s 65-inch OLED display weighs-in at just 10.89 Kg and is only 9 mm thick.

Another unique feature of DPI Lab’s ultra-thin OLED displays is their ability operate with a bend radius of 1 meter either horizontally or vertically allowing them to conform to curved surfaces such as aircraft headliners and sidewalls.

SID DisplayWeek 2021 - DSCC business conferenceSID DisplayWeek 2021 - DSCC business conference