Does the Galaxy Note 2 use Ignis' AdMo-p technology?

Yesterday I posted about the Galaxy Note 2 subpixl scheme, with the 5.5" 1280x720 HD Super AMOLED display featuring 267 ppi (with three subpixels per pixel). Our readers pointed out that the new scheme used in the Note 2 looks very much like Ingis Innovations' patented HR pixel structure (as part of their AdMo-p technology). This may explain how Samsung managed to get good enough lifetime at such a high PPI without PenTile.

Just as a reminder, here's how the Note 2 pixels are arranged. It's not exaclty the same as in the HR structure as the red and green sub-pixels have the same size. In any case:

Back in June I was very impressed with Ignis' technology while visiting their booth at SID. It'll be great to know that they have managed to get Samsung to use some of their technology in such a high profile phone.

Posted: Sep 06,2012 by Ron Mertens


They have no.