DisplaySearch: the plastic AMOLED based Apple Watch display costs over $27 to make

DisplaySearch estimate that the plastic OLED display used in the Apple Watch costs more than $27 (this is the production cost, not the display price). They say it is difficult to know for sure as the cost is highly dependent on yield rates at LG Display's fab and they do not know it yet. They assume a 60% yield rate for the $27 estimation.

Apple Watch (metal) photo

The $27 estimate includes the plastic AMOLED module, the touch panel interface and the cover glass (sapphire or glass, depends on the Watch model).

Several readers complained to me lately that I claimed that the Apple Watch uses an AMOLED display, but did not give any evidence. In my original post I quoted Jennifer Colegrove from Touch Display Research. Now we also got confirmation from DisplaySearch.

Posted: Sep 26,2014 by Ron Mertens


Hey Ron, I searched around the LG site for a bit.  Didn't see the report you mentioned.  Did they take it down? 

Lalaker, it is still there. Check out the very top of the page, there is a horizontal black bar with a newsreel.

wasnt looking up at the black bar up top.  thanks Ron. certainly odd that the link sends you to a AUO story, but again, i cannot imagine LG puts that on their website (and leaves it there) if it wasnt true.