DisplaySearch says that current manufacturing costs for OLED TV panels are almost seven times higher than LCD panels. They estimate the total manufacturing cost of a 55" FHD AMOLED panel to be $2,454 in Q1 2013. The high price is mostly due to low manufacturing yields.

DisplaySearch expects these yields to improve, and cost will fall significantly over the next two years, but it will still be much higher compared to LCDs. In fact they think that in the following year the cost will fall by 36%, and so in Q1 2014 the price of producing the same OLED panel will drop to a little over $1,500, or about 4.8 times the cost of an LCD panel.

Interestingly, DisplaySearch says that for 32" panels, an OLED will only cost twice the cost of an LCD. But this is a very cost-sensitive segment and OLEDs will not be competitive even with the lower cost difference.

Currently the only OLED TVs on the market are LG's 55" EM9700 ($10,000 in Korea, will ship soon in the  the USUKIndia and Israel.) and LG's curved 55" 55EA9800 (which is now shipping for $13,500 in Korea). Hopefully Samsung will soon launch their 55" OLED TV as well.



2x price is OK

I would gladly purchase a 32" OLED TV for twice the price of LCD one (for example, OLED equivalent of LG 32LM620T could cost about 1000$).

Moreover, given that panel is not the only component of TV, cost and price of OLED TV should be less then twice higher than for LCD TV.

24" OLED monitor should cost even less (lower size → lower cost; lower size → greater yield; greater yield → lower cost) or about the same (as adjusted for typically higher resolution of monitors compared with TVs).

Hopefully, 32" OLED TVs (or, even better, 24" OLED monitors) will really be available in the market soon instead of theoretically available and unrealistically too expensive 55" models.

The cost of 55" FHD OLED panel is not correct

maybe 55" FHD OLED Panel is up to $3444, because the depreciation didn't vary by the yield which i have proved with the author,then the gap with 55" FHD LCD Panel will up to more than 9.0x.

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