DisplaySearch has released a new edition of their Quarterly OLED Shipment and Forecast report.

The report says that:

  • OLED display revenue will grow to 7.1B$ by 2016.
  • AMOLED has passed PMOLEDs in Q1 2009
  • Samsung Mobile Displays still #1 in OLED shipments, with a 37% market share. RiTdisplay is #2.
  • Worldwide OLED display revenue in Q1'09 was $143 million, down 8% Q/Q. AMOLED revenues were up 17% Q/Q.
Displaysearch OLED display forecast July 2009 image

According to the report, several manufacturers are planning OLED TV panels in 2009. LG will debut their 15" AMOLED TV by the end of the year. DisplaySearch estimate that it's likely (they give it 70%) that Sony will release their 27" OLED TV this year. It's a bit uncertain because of Sony's financial situation.

Samsung might (DisplaySearch gives it 40% chance) release their 14.1" OLED TV - but there's no announcement yet.

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