DisplaySearch published a new edition of their Quarterly OLED Materials Report. They forecast that OLED material revenues will reach $529 million in 2013, and will grow at a fast CAGR of 67% to reach $3.4 billion in 2017. Most of the revenue growth will come from OLED TV materials.

DisplaySearch estimates that AMOLED phone panel shipments will reach over 217 million units in 2013 (up from 134 million in 2012), which will lead to a very tight supply towards the end of 2013. The total OLED market will reach $11 billion in 2013.

DisplaySearch estimates that current manufacturing costs for OLED TV panels are almost seven times higher than LCD panels: a $55 FHD OLED TV panel costs $2,454 to produce in Q1 2013. They think that in 2014 the cost will fall by 36%.