A few weeks ago we reported that DisplaySearch forecast that OLED material revenues will reach $529 million in 2013 - and will grow to $3.4 billion in 2017. Now DisplaySearch released more information, including this interesting chart, showing their OLED material sales forecast per application:

As you can see, virtually all the growth will come from OLED TV sales. For materials sold for mobile phones, materials will actually decline after 2014. This chart include materials used for emission and common layers. DisplaySearch forecasts that only 10 million OLED TV units will be shipped in 2017. This still means a low penetration into the TV market. Of course for the OLED market 10 million by 2017 TVs represents a rapid growth in the revenue.

DisplaySearch estimates that AMOLED phone panel shipments will reach over 217 million units in 2013 (up from 134 million in 2012), which will lead to a very tight supply towards the end of 2013. The total OLED market will reach $11 billion in 2013.

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