DisplayMate published a new article focusing on display color accuracy. Testing the six leading mobile displays, DisplayMate tested which ones perform best in terms of color accuracy. While all displays performed very good, DisplayMate found the Galaxy Note 4 to be the winner in this test, achieving the best results in all tested categories.

Historically, people often complained that Samsung's OLED offer overly saturated colors and inaccurate images. It's great to see OLEDs overcome yet another perceived disadvantage and yet again prove that even at its infancy, OLEDs outperform LCDs in yet another aspect.

The second place was given to the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and Microsoft's Surface Pro 3. The fourth place goes to Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (2013 model) and Apple's iPhone 6 Plus and the iPad Air 2 came out last.

DisplayMate's Raymond Soneira says that he expects mobile display color accuracy to continue improving. Better color management implemented in software and firmware enabled Samsung to achieve perfect color accuracy with their latest OLED display (this was possible because of the OLED's very wide color gamut). The next improvement, according to Raymond, will come from picture improvement in ambient light. Automatic real-time modification of the display’s color gamut and intensity scale will compensate for reflected light glare and image wash.



try 20 ire

try 20 ire

The phone that I saw was very

The phone that I saw was very greenish! not sure how he evaluated the color accuracy.

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