Samsung recently announced the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra smartphone, with a 6.9-inch 1440x3088 Dynamic AMOLED with an LTPO backplane. The display supports a refresh rate of 120Hz at Full-HD resolution and 60Hz at QHD. The Galaxy Note family will ship on August 21 2020.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra photo

The display measurements experts at DisplayMate tested a Note 20 Ultra phone, and reports that Samsung again improved its OLED display performance (it "raises the bar significantly higher", in fact) and this high performance display will be the competitive baseline for all upcoming smartphone displays.

Based on Displaymate's tests, the Note 20 Ultra sets or matches 11 smartphone display performance records. Compared to Samsung's previous Galaxy Note 10+, the Note 20 Ultra has increased brightness (up to 1,609 nits in high-brightness mode) and higher power efficiency. The new dynamic refresh rates is also impressive according to Displaymate.

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