DisplayMate presents a Galaxy S range shootout - sees rapid performance improvements

Raymond Soneira, our friend and display guru from DisplayMate have posted a very interesting and detailed comparison of the OLED displays in the Galaxy S, SII and SIII phones. He says that while all three OLED panels performed very well, there has been a rapid and significant improvement in OLED performance (especially power efficiency) in just 2 years.

Raymond says that high-end LCDs are brighter and more power efficient than OLEDs for text and web applications. OLEDs are better for photos and videos. He also says that while the performance is excellent, it's been compromised by Samsung's implementation choices - especially the low brightness due to power constraints (although low reflectence on those devices mean that high brightness is not critical in most situations).

Raymond laments the fact that all of those OLEDs suffer from a lack of accurate color calibration. Still he sees a very exciting future for OLEDs - as it is expected that improvement will continue at a very fast pace.

Just last week Raymond also published his views on the upcoming OLED TVs - saying that the LG TV is the most impressive TV he's ever seen.

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Posted: Jul 12,2012 by Ron Mertens