Display measurement experts DisplayMate posted a review of LG's latest OLED TVs, specifically a 65" OLEDE7 model. DisplayMate performed an extensive set of tests and LG's OLED performed exceptionally well throughout all of the Lab Measurement Tests and Viewing Tests. DisplayMate says that "it is unquestionably the best performing TV that we have ever tested or watched".

LG OLEDE7 photo

LG's 2017 OLED TV is "visually Indistinguishable from perfect" and it breaks many TV display performance records. It is far better than the best Plasma TVs ever tested and is even better than the $50,000 Sony Professional CRT reference studio monitors that up until recently were the golden standard for picture quality, according to DisplayMate.

This is not a surprise as LG's 2016 OLED TV achieved similar praise from DisplayMate last year. But LG in fact improved its OLED panel since 2016 and the new panel improves several records indeed including the absolute color accuracy, the luminance accuracy, the absolute contrast accuracy and more. It has a 50% higher cinema mode peak luminance (330 nits) than LG's 2016 TVs and a 20% higher HDR peak luminance (750 nits). You can read the full review here.

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