DisplayBank: transparent displays to reach $87.2 billion in revenue by 2025

DisplayBank says that they forecast that transparent displays will reach $87.2 billion in yearly revenue by 2025 (the total display market will be $223 billion). They say that transparent display will surpass non-transparent displays by 2030.

DisplayBank says that transparent display have many possible applications (such as windows, automobile windshields and show windows for shopping malls). Personally I'm not sure how computer monitors or TVs will benefit from transparency - maybe from a design point of view (having an invisible TV until you turn it on is rather cool).

19-inch transparent OLED prototype (Samsung)

We do know that Samsung is interested in transparent displays, showing prototypes for years now. In fact in early 2010 the company said that they may release a transparent AMOLED laptop within 12 months. But that never happened (nor was the IceTouch transparent AMOLED MP3 player ever released).

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Posted: Mar 29,2011 by Ron Mertens