DisplayBank says that AMOLED production shipments grew in Q3 2012 due to better yields at Samsung's 5.5-Gen AMOLED fabs. Q3 shipments grew 6.5% compared to Q1 and Q2 (which were flat). By area of panel shipped, shipments increased 15.9% compared to Q1 and Q2.

Production of AMOLED panels at Samsung (photo)

Compared to last year, Q3 shipments increase 42% (92% by area) - but still it is evident that the OLED market is not really increasing its capacity as fast as people thought. Hopefully in 2013 we'll see more players with mass production (including LGD for OLED TVs, AUO and CMI) and also more capacity increases from Samsung (for small panels and large OLED TV ones, and maybe flexible OLEDs as well).

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