According to China Times, Samsung Display aims to bring OLED prices down - so that in 2016 small and medium sized AMOLED panels will cost only about 10% higher than comparable LCDs.

According to Digitimes, currently Samsung's AMOLEDs are 30% more expensive than LCDs. Samsung anticipates increased AMOLED demand (mostly from Chinese mobile phone makers) in 2016, and is increasing it production capacity - which will also result in lower prices.

This is not the first time that SDC aims to lower AMOLED prices. Towards the end of 2014, it was reported that Samsung Display plans to lower the cost of their OLED displays, to be more competitive with LCDs. In early 2015 Digitimes reported that Samsung aims to close the gap between OLED and LCD pricing during 2015.

In July 2014, display market analysts at DisplaySearch estimated the AMOLED prices will fall below LCDs within two years.



When will Samsung start to

When will Samsung start to produce large-scale OLED flat panels to compete with LGD?


When will be available 40 - 46 inch flat oled tv's? 


Just another post expressing frustration for the lack of OLED monitors.

There is no reason why we cant have OLED monitors now... you can see through the filler excuses. 

Price? Dunno, the 1300$ acer x34 is selling like crack.

Only real reason is they feel like milking LCD more. Probably wanted to do the same with phones, but the competition was too great to artificially stall that market.


Displayed content on monitors is much more static than on mobile phones or tablets, hence the lifetime requirements are harsher. Might play a role here.


You poor marketing victim. Thats one of those excuses they keep using. 

Images on phones are JUST as often static as on PC`s. Plus there are tricks you can do - flash the screen with colors or something to reset the pixels, if they are getting too used to a single color - something like that.

Point is - If THEY wanted to - WE`d have OLED monitors already.

Just like 144hz IPS LCD screens were "impossible" until people started buying korean off-brands and overclocking them. Now we have all kinds of high refresh IPS`s...

an additional role might be,

an additional role might be, that the monitor market is niche compared to TV and mobile


the high-end (> 1000US$) monitor market is a niche of the monitor market


adressing a niche of a niche market, where youre product may have additional disadvantages (static content --> burnin) sounds not like a viable business opportunity. So Samsung and LGD should not excuse, as they are just doing their jobs pretty good (business and technology-wise) 



Maybe it is because (outside

Maybe it is because (outside of professional graphic / video editing) the market is just not there?

The monitor market is small compared to TV and smartphone markets. On top of that very few people are willing to pay a premium for a high-end monitor as most spend their money on other HW equipment.

So while I understand that enthusiasts such as you would love it, I can also fully understand why the display manufacturers are not jumping on this right now.

not poor

Come on. You compare your smartphone use scenario with an office computer (Monitor) which shows 10h per day MS word and the windows task bar. This is definately another world for a display maker ;-)

then did you ever ask

then did you ever ask yourself the question why Samsung and LG are not making OLED monitors if they actually can do it?



As far as i can tell - the markets willingness to keep milking LCD and/or because of that OLED manufacturing is still more expensive than LCD. Monitors usually get the very worst - like how we had been stuck @ 1080p 60hz TN LCD`s for SO LONG.

But thats changing now for the monitor market.