Samsung Display is still struggling with technical issues in its large-area OLED TV program, and SDC's TV focus switched to quantum dots enhanced LCDs a couple of years ago. These TVs use the photoluminescence of QDs to enhance the white-light produced by the LED backlights.

But quantum dots also feature electroluminescence - which means that these materials can be used to directly emit light, in a similar way to OLED materials. This technology has several challenges to overcome before it can be mass produced though, but Digitimes Research now reports that Samsung is aiming to produce so-called Q-LED TVs by 2019.

Samsung hopes that this technology will enable lower-cost production and longer lifetime (and probably higher efficiency) compared to OLED panels.



What is QLED?

What is QLED? And what is the difference between QLED and OLED? And which one is better?

A QLED is a display that uses

A QLED is a display that uses quantum-dots as emissive materials... similar to OLEDs - but OLEDs use organic-based emitters. Which one is better? Difficult questions... OLEDs are more established but QLEDs does have some promise... time will tell!

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