According to Digitimes Research, the prices of OLED TVs will be double that of UHD (4K) LCD TVs through 2016. Digitimes expects over 17.8 million UHD TVs to be sold in 2014 - up 475% from 2013. More than half of all UHD TVs will ship to the Chinese market.

LG 65-inch UHD OLED TV

LG is still the only OLED TV maker, and recently the company started a major marketing push of UHD OLED TVs in China. LG's 65" UHD OLED TV is also shipping in the US for $10,000. LG keeps lowering the prices of their OLED TVs, but of course the prices of UHD LCD TVs will also get lower. 



LG OLED at Best Buy

I saw the first LG OLED TV at the local Best Buy. It was priced at $3499, and it is stunning. But as when the first Plasma and LCD TVs started in the thousands of dollars, when a 55-inch OLED gets below $2000 and appear at large outlet stures, such as Sam's and Costco, that will be the "lift off" moment for mass buyer acceptance and conversion from LCD to OLED, and then LG will really bring in sales.

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