Digitimes reports that LG is planning to allocate $3.55 billion to further expand their 8-Gen OLED fab in Paju. A final decision is expected by the end of November. This massive investment will enable LGD to increase its capacity by 40,000 monthly substrates, which means LGD will have a total capacity of almost 80,000 monthly substrates.

LGD 111'' double-sided OLED wave (IFA 2015)

In August 2015 LGD announced plans to invest around $8.5 billion in OLED capacity in the next three years, and they are now allocating these funds. Interestingly, Digitimes says that the new Gen-8 fab will be used to make both OLED TV panels and small/medium flexible AMOLEDs - to be used in mobile phones and other devices. LGD already committed to a Gen-6 flexible AMOLED fab, so it makes more sense that they will build a dedicated OLED TV fab in a bid to dominate the OLED TV market.

We recently conducted a short interview with an official from LGD regarding the company's OLED business goals and aims.



monitor omg

"medium size"?

I might be TOO OPTIMISTIC, but could this mean monitors? finally?

If, yes, i need a 3440x1440, 4:4:4, 8bit, 0-200hz adaptive sync, DP1.3 single tiled monitor please.

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