According to Digitimes Research, due to the high prices and low availability of OLED displays, China-based smartphone makers (including Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi) are planning to adopt mini LED backlit LCD panels in future smartphones as an alternative to OLED displays.

Oppo A79 photo

DR reports that Chinese phone makers have reached out to Taiwan-based LED makers to start making mini-LED backlighting units by June 2018. While it is true that the OLED market is currently in an over-demand situation, OLED capacity is set to increase sharply in the near future, and IHS estimates that the market will actually enter an over-supply situation in 2018.



`over supply` rather than "over-demand" in ihs link

a small correction
`over supply` rather than "over-demand" in ihs link

if this spare capacity comes to pass are these makers able to produce monitor (17"-34") sized panels or is there manufacturing method limited to phone sized screens?

Douglas,Thanks, you are right


Thanks, you are right - I fixed my post. And maybe OLED makers will indeed turn to medium sized panels, this is an interesting idea although it will be difficult to create a large market for these panels at current production prices.