Digitimes Research estimates that Chinese OLED makers currently hold a 7.5% market share in the global small and medium AMOLED market, but Chinese makers will see very fast growth (76% CAGR) and will reach a market share of 33.4% in 2022.

China already has several AMOLED producers - including EverDisplay, BOE, TianMa and Visionox. Digitimes Research estimates that BOE will emergy as China's leading AMOLED producer, and by 2021 its capacity will be larger than LG Display's capacity and BOE will be the world's second largest AMOLED maker.

IHS sees the global AMOLED market differently, and the market research company expects Samsung to command 52% of the AMOLED industry in 2022, followed by BOE, LG Display (11%), Tianma (6%), CSoT (5%), Visionox (4%) and EverDisplay (4%).

RGB OLED Capacity, 2012-2022 (IHS)

OLED capacity estimates, IHS

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