Digital Trends posted that interesting flagship TV shootout, pitching LG's E7 OLED TV against Samsung's Q9 QLED TV. Both TVs offer great image quality, and both has their strengths and weaknesses - but Digital Trends says at the end of the day they prefer LG's OLED.

According to Digital Trends, pretty much everybody who looked at these two TVs stacked up against each other chose the LG as the best TV - if by a razor-thin margin. Credit is due to Samsung, who did manage to produce a very bright, sharp and great looking TV though.



LG OLED vs Samsung QLED

They may be the best displays for both brands but the final margin will be price. If the price of LG's OLED is lower then it will sell more.

bring the god damn computer oled monitors already..

ive had it with hearing about new oled tv's while releasing a god damn computer monitor

is being delayed for ages.. cheers

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