LG Display, together with British design magazine Dezeen recently launched the 2nd OLED Go! Design competition. LGD announced the winner of this year's competition, the Caelum desk, designed by Turkish designer Cagatay Afsar.

Caelum integrates a 27-inch transparent OLED displays into the desk partition, eliminating the need for a separate monitor to free up desk real estate and reduce household clutter. When not in use, the display can switch to its transparent mode as to seamlessly blend in with the room’s décor.

Second place was given to Turkish designer Damla Aras’s ‘Tiny’, an all-in-one solution that combines a 32-inch Rollable OLED display with a foldable desk and speaker. In third place, ‘Vivid’ features a touchable Transparent OLED display that can be moved across the home effortlessly.

OLED Go! 2 design contest, Totem concept image

Another two winning designs are Totem, a highly customizable modern soundbar design with a Rollable OLED technology and Easel, an OLED display and easel stand combination that adds a stylish touch to any interior design and can is highly portable.

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