Densitron is introducing new industrial TFT-LCD displays that are mechanically compatible with AMOLED displays. Densitron also says that the performance is similar to AMOLEDs. The displays come in three different sizes (2.4", 2.8" and 4.3"), and offer 800:1 contrast ratio. They use Fringe Field Switching (FFS) which gives up to 170° viewing angles (both horizontal and vertical). There's also resistive touch versions.

Densitron AMOLED-compatible industrial TFT LCDs photo

There's a shortage of AMOLED displays, and many manufacturers are moving to LCDs instead. Samsung plans to get their 5.5-Gen AMOLED plant on line by 2H 2011, but reports suggest that they actually sold all capacity to Apple already... so supply issues may last a while.

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