Researchers from Soochow University, in collaboration with a wide team of scientists from China and Japan (including Prof. Adachi from Kyushu University) developed a TADF emitter material compound that features high efficiency and a narrow color spectrum.

MR dimers enhanced TADF OLED emitters (Soochow University)

Up until now, most TADF emitters featured a wide spectrum, which limits the adoption of TADF materials in displays as they cannot enable a wide color spectrum. To overcome this problem companies employ a structure in which the TADF emitter is combined with a narrow-spectrum fluorescence emitter (so-called Hyperfluorescence).

This new research describes a densely-packaged dimer-enhanced Multiple-Resonance (MR) TADF emitter. The researchers managed to create red, green and blue emitters - with excellent efficiencies (the green, in particular, realized a maximum EQE of 31%).



OLED innovation

Noteworthy forward progress,another phase of OLED refinement and improving performance!

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