Dell's Venue 10 7000 is a 10.5" tablet that uses Samsung's WQXGA (2560x1600) Super AMOLED display (287 PPI) - the same display used by Samsung's in their own Galaxy Tab S 10.5 tablets. The tablet features Android 5.0, Intel's Atom Z3580 CPU, 16GB/32GB of memory, microSD slot, 2GB of RAM, 8MP camera (Intel's RealSense 3D) and an optional keyboard.

Dell Venue 10 7000 photo

The Venue 10 will ship towards the end of April 2015 for $499 (32GB).

OLED type: 

10.5" WQXGA (2560x1600) Super AMOLED



wont burn in be a problem

wont burn in be a problem with window bars and such. If burn in is fixed enough to use oled on this then hopefully 13-15 inch screens are around the corner.

Dell + Intel

Combination of the Dell brand and Intel platform holds out a hope of some probability of releasing some OLED laptops in the foreseeable future.

finally we are getting close to a laptop!

I have no contant to add..

[why do i have too..?]


Really hope there are some (non Apple) 16:10 or 3:2 OLED laptops once we get to the 15-17" screens.

Skip the laps, where are the

Skip the laps, where are the 24-27" monitors?

If you search Sony

If you search Sony professional OLED monitors, you'll get Sony's 17 inch, 27 inch and 30 inch oled monitors I think. The 30 inch is 4k, the rest 1080p. 30 inch goes for about $30,000.00 though.

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