D Signed and the Fraunhofer Institute presents a new modular OLED lamp design

D Signed, the Serbian design studio run by Irena Kilibarda is presenting a new modular OLED lamp design, called "Lamped", on which they worked on for over 2 years. The idea is to use OLED tiles that are joined with "ball joints" so you can move it all directions - and use it as a floor lamp, hanging lamp, desktop light, etc. They have demoed the lamp in Tent London (during the London Design Festival in September) with 12 OLED tiles (provided by the Fraunhofer Institute), but they say that the idea is that you can use as many tiles as you want.

We do not have any more information currently (update: we have now posted the OLED lamp's technical specs) but we do have a couple of more great photos:


Posted: Oct 03,2010 by Ron Mertens