Cynora latest TADF blue emitters feature higher efficiency and lifetime

Germany-based blue-TADF OLED emitter developer Cynora announced that it developed a new blue-emitting material that combines high efficiency with long lifetime. Cynora's new material offers an external quantum efficiency (EQE) of 14% and a lifetime of 420 hours (LT80, at 500 cd/m2).

In May 2016 Cynora announced two blue emitter systems - with one featuring a high efficiency and the other a long lifetime. This time Cynora managed to create a single system with both efficiency and lifetime. The company says that they are optimistic that they will reach a commercial TADF blue emitter by the end of 2017.

Cynora is not the only TADF developer, though. Kyushu University recently spun-off a new company, called Kyulux to commercialize the TADF emitters - aiming to have emitters ready by 2018. You can read more about Kyushu's TADF emitters here, and we also host an OLED Auditorium presentation from Prof. Adachi here.

In March 2015 the European Commission launched a new project called Phebe that aims to develop and commercialize TADF emitters.

Posted: Oct 05,2016 by Ron Mertens


Ron do you have any feeling for how this compares to UDC's deep blue or what the commercial requirement is? I see UDC's light blue operated at 600 hours at 95%LT as of 2012

As far as I know UDC did not reveal any data since 2012. TADF is progressing very fast, but we do not know the status of UDC's blue PHOLEDs...

I found comparable specs here....

420 hrs @14% doesn't seem that close at all to being useful commercially.


The information you mention is for Red and Green materials... Blue is a much bigger challenge. 420 hours is obviously not enough - but hopefully Cynora will be able to improve this within the year.