TCL's CSoT subsidiary demonstrated curved 31" FHD AMOLED displays at the 18th China High- Tech Fair. CSoT showed three such panels side-by-side, to create a 5760x1080 80" display. The WOLED WRGB panels offer 150 nits brightness (which is rather low).

CSoT 31'' curved AMOLED display prototype (Nov 2016)

CSoT are producing those panels in its Gen-4.5 pilot R&D line in Shenzhen. CSoT already demonstrated 31" AMOLED panels in June 2015, it is not clear what is the difference in the new prototypes.

CSoT announced an ambitious plan to construct a $6.96 billion LCD and OLED Gen-11 production fab in Shenzhen. The new fab, built by TCL and Shenzhen Huaxing Power with help from the Shenzhen Economic and Trade Commission, will have a monthly capacity of 90,000 Gen-11 substrates (3370x2940 mm) and use IGZO backplanes.

CSoT announced plans to increase investment by a further $3.15 billion, and Samsung will hold a 9.76% stake in this new fab. CSoT aims to start building the fab towards the end of 2016, and construction is planned to end by January 2018 and equipment will begin installation in July 2018. Mass production will begin in April 2019. The fab will produce a wide range of LCD TVs (43 to 75 inch) - and OLED TV panels, using "printing OLEDs" technologies.

CSoT is also building a Gen-6 LTPS line in Wuhan, China, in a $2.6 billion investment. Reports suggest that the company is actually ahead of schedule, and estimates that mass production will begin in Q1 2017. The plan is to make both small and medium sized displays - LCDs and OLEDs. The new production line will have a capacity of 30,000 monthly substrates - it's not clear what will be the ratio between high-end LCDs and OLEDs.

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