Cree logoUS-based Cree develops and manufactures LED materials and devices, mostly based on silicon carbide. Cree, founded in 1987, is one of the leading LED companies in the world.

Up until today I was not aware of any OLED research at Cree, but a few days ago the company was awarded with a US patent (USPTO# 8,841,834) regarding a hybrid OLED and LED lighting system - in which the white light is emitted by mixing OLED light with LED light (or other SSL white light source). This patent was submitted in 2012.

This may just be a patent for a lighting system, but it may be also that Cree is starting to get involved with OLED lighting, to complement its LED-based products. One of the markets for Cree's LEDs is backlighting units for LCD, which is a market that may get disrupted by OLEDs in a few years. This may be great news to the OLED industry.

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