UK's R&D institute, the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), published a nice video showing how OLED technologies can make aircraft safer, more efficient and more entertaining. We're still a long way before this kind of solutions are available...

In February 2014, Spike Aerospace announced that instead of conventional windows, it will use curved, super-thin digital displays in their upcoming supersonic business jet, the S-512. The S-512 will be available in 2018, and will reportedly cost $80 million. Spike did not mention OLEDs specifically, but it makes sense that OLEDs will be employed for this advanced aircraft.



Air craft body in graphene can instead be transparent!

Air craft bodies in graphene can instead be transparent and stronger than todays partially carbon fiber in sandwish like 787 Dreamliner.

vivid oled displays

The video mentions "vivid oled displays" about halfway through presentation.

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